Sewing Resources

If you are following my sewing projects, I will be referring to stuff like "basic skirt" and "basic bodice", since all flat patterns are derived from the basics. 

I came across these sites which you may find useful if you want to draft your own basic's and other patterns. Or you can purchase ready-to-use patterns for the basics and adapt it for the different designs. 

Pattern Drafting

Burdastyle is a good source of pattern drafting resources as well as ready-to-use patterns. 
If you are a beginner and want to try drafting your own patterns, these are the basics which have been uploaded by member Gedwoods:

Instructions for another basic skirt can also be found at Fashion Era here

My Measuring Tape gives instructions for a basic sleeve draft as well as various adaptations, and has quite a number of useful articles on drafting. The site also has a small selection of ready-to-use patterns for sale. 

The Weekend Designer is another good source for drafting your own patterns for clothing, fashion accessories as well as curtains, cushions and home decor. There are some interesting and creative designs here.

Bag'n-telle is the Weekend Designer's bag site.....with lots of instructions for making bags

Ready to use Patterns:

Burdastyle has free and to-purchase downloadable patterns

Wild Ginger has a free software download which let you customise patterns for hats, bags and other accessories here. The company also sells pattern drafting software for clothing, accessories and pets.

Amy Butler has free downloads of patterns for fashion, home accessories and crafts.

To-purchase patterns can be found at:  

a quick google for sewing patterns or clothing patterns will bring up loads of sites where you can find patterns for sale.


Tudor Links has a repository of free patterns for period costumes from the Victorian and Edwardian era.