Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion Scrapbook: Colours - Patagonian Sunrise

Fashion Scrapbook - Colours - Patagonian SunriseColours - Patagonian Sunrise, Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Patagonian Sunrise, 
Puerto Madryn, Valdes Peninsula.
Apr 2012

As designers, we are inspired by many things. Culture, history, art, architecture, nature.....almost anything could be the source of inspiration. 

The colours of a peacock's feathers, the shape of a building or an architectural detail, the shape of flower, the patterns in nature....leaves, the way the wind makes waves in the desert sand.....a painting, the colours of a landscape; these are all sources of inspiration for us. So we are always collecting pictures and objects for our scrapbooks and scrapboxes. 

I woke up early one morning and saw the sun rising over the ocean in Puerto Madryn on the Valdes Peninsula. The colours of the sunrise were so amazing, I took a photo as inspiration for a colour palette for my scrapbook. 

Using photoshop, I have recreated the colours of the sunrise onto a colour chart which I call "Patagonian Sunrise". 

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